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Do You Know Your Lover is Next to You: How to Recognize

Love is such a beautiful thing, and we’ve all experienced its greatness at one point in life. What are the signs of love you can relate to or have felt before?

Do You Know Your Lover is Next to You: How to Recognize
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Love is such a beautiful thing, and we’ve all experienced its greatness at one point in life. What are the signs of love you can relate to or have felt before?

If there’s one thing that Disney and rom-com have made us believe, it’s instant soul mate connection. Like you could meet someone and immediately know you’re going to spend the rest of your life with them. As if that’s not enough, we often confuse lust and hormones as signs of being in love, and at this point, there’s barely any logic that would snap you out of it.

Now, as convenient as that may be, we’ve all realized it doesn’t play out that way in real life. If anything, such relationships rarely end in lifelong commitments. Now that we know how disappointing love can get, where do we go from here? How do we know who is meant for us, and what are the signs of true love?

How to Identify the One

It doesn’t matter how you meet your potential partner. Whether you’re workmates, met at a party, or on the best dating sites, what matters is how the two of you connect. Naturally, there are signs of love that elevate your relationship from a platonic to a romantic one. So, let’s look at 5 signs of love you could use to identify your life partner.

1. They’ll Make Everything Better

To be honest, adulthood is no joke, and you never seem to catch a break. However, the right person will make everything feel better and give you something to be happy about. Thinking about them elevates your mood or inspires you. Even when you’re feeling down in the dumps, seeing them or talking to them makes everything bearable.

2. They’ll Share Your Values

At the onset of a relationship, we tend to think that our love will ‘conquer everything,’ and we believe we can live with our partner’s beliefs. Sadly, this often fades with time, meaning conflicts will arise if you don’t share beliefs, morals, and values.

Even though they vary from individual to individual, they are often based on a person’s priorities. They could be as small as traveling preferences or as weighty as starting a family. Either way, it’s smart to sort this out before you’re in too deep.

3. Trust

Based on life events around us and what we see on our screens, trusting people is not something for the weak-hearted, and many people have a hard time trusting anyone. So, if you find someone that you trust or one who trusts you, it’s a good sign. It’s great to have someone to confide in, and trust goes a long way in establishing life-long plans with them.

4. Your Body Becomes Happy

It’s one thing to fall in love, but how does your body respond to them. Even though sexual compatibility is one of the physical signs of love, body comfort, and mutual sexual attraction is key in finding the right person for you. This could mean you feel safe when they hold or cuddle you or you orgasm easily. Basically, your body finds what it wants without your conscious dictation.

5. Your Future Plans Aligns

Sharing a favorite show or band will pass as a sign of falling in love, thanks to rom-coms and TV shows. However, the two of you need to have a lot more in common if you plan on spending the rest of your lives together. This includes your goals in terms of family, finances, spirituality, and lifestyle.

These aspects become the true north, and they represent what the two of you should be working towards and how you can decide on tougher decisions later on. Bringing up these issues at the onset of a relationship while you’re still getting to know each other helps you get your footing right.

Love Changes, and So Does Its Language

With time though, it gets to a point when the initial fairytale love has faded, and you feel like you are carrying all the weight in the relationship. Now, you’re not sure of what your partner feels about you.

However, as love matures, partners tend to shift to more subtle and thoughtful ways of expressing their feelings. Even though the initial intense feeling and body language signs of falling in love wear down, you become more comfortable with each other. You start to appreciate non-verbal signs of falling in love, such as thoughtful gifts, helping out with chores or running errands, indulging in your favorite activity, and so on.

Even though the love significantly cools down, you will always know he’s the one because of his actions and affirmations. So, what are the signs of true love from a man, and are they not any different from the signs of true love from a woman?

1. They’ll Admit to Their Shortcomings

Not everyone is perfect, but not everyone is willing to admit so. When someone truly loves you, they are more inclined to admit to mistakes and look for ways to work through them.

If you often need to apologize to save your relationship, then they’re not the one.

2. They’ll Lean on You, and they’ll Let You Lean on them

So far, we’ve all experienced how rough life can get. So, your partner should be strong enough to support you when things start going south, but they should also be vulnerable to ask you for help. Vulnerability helps to deepen your connection, and someone who loves you will not miss that opportunity.

3. They’re Genuinely Interested in Your Life

When someone’s in love, they will take an interest in what happens in your life, your relationships with people, and your past, and so on. Basically, they’ll want to learn you inside out so they can be part of your everyday life.


All in all, there is no formula to love, and people will interpret different things as signs of falling in love. Love is a wonderful thing, and everyone deserves someone who makes it worth the while.

What is your love story? How did you meet your life partner? Share your stories with us! We would love to hear from you.

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