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How To Text A Girl You Like

Even more media-friendly platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter can’t truly replicate “in person” interaction.

How To Text A Girl You Like
How To Text A Girl You Like

Ok, so you want to know how and what to text a girl right?

Not a problem. I’ve had years of experience in this area.

Yet, as humans, knowing how to text a girl you like isn’t always natural. We evolved for face-to-face romantic interaction that involves sight, smell, body language, voice tone, and other subconscious physical factors. However, none of that can happen over a screen when texting.

Even more media-friendly platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter can’t truly replicate “in person” interaction. Because sending words over a screen is so foreign to many people, it’s natural to need help to successfully text a girl you like.

Fortunately, there are ways to text a woman that allow you to create feelings of attraction within her and make her want to date you. This article will explain how to text a girl you like in detail, giving several ways to be successful.

1. Always Stay Positive

When texting a girl you like, keep your interactions positive at all times. Your job is to bring her up not haul her down!

If you make a habit of smiling when you text her you’ll naturally inject positivity into your texts. NEVER say your day was boring. She’s not your venting buddy and moaning about your boss in an attempt to bond overwork will not do you any favors.

Even if your day did truly suck there’s always got to be at least one highlight you can pick out.

2.Text With A Purpose

The whole purpose of back-and-forth texting is to get a date, right?

So don’t send random texts that don’t help you achieve that purpose. Otherwise, she might lose interest in you… or worse, think that you’re just being friendly instead of flirting.

Now… here are some examples of good, purposeful reasons to text:

  • To compliment her (makes her want to date you)
  • To entertain her (makes her think you’re flirting)
  • To ask her for a date

3. Keep it short and simple

Try to keep the texts short if you want to keep the conversation going. Your focus is to get her to keep all her attention on you when she’s texting. And to do that, you need to keep the beeping texts going back and forth as soon as you can. Long texts can leave her bored when she’s waiting for you to respond. Or worse, she may occupy herself with the television or do something else that’ll leave her distracted while waiting for your text.

4. Know when it’s time to end the conversation

 If you want to keep your girl interested, then you should stop your texting sessions at the right time, or she’ll get bored with your lengthy exchanges. Whether the girl seems busy or if you simply have nothing left to say: it’s important to know when to stop texting her and try again later. 

5. Show that you care about her

There are a few easy ways to show the girl that you care about her without being obvious about it. Sending a text at the right time can let her know that you’re thinking about her and that she’s important to you. Here’s how to show your girl that you care through your texts:

  • Show that you value her opinion. Ask her what she thinks about a certain subject, like a new movie that’s playing or a new restaurant that just opened-up.
  • Ask her open-ended questions about herself. You shouldn’t get too personal, but if it comes up, ask what she’s up to or what she likes to do on the weekends.
  • Show that you remember your conversations. If she told you that she had a big test coming up, impress her by sending her a “good luck” text the evening before.

6. Make Her Wait To Hear From You

Girls usually don’t want you to text back immediately every time, but it’s not because she wants you to play ‘hard-to-get…

…it’s because she wants a man with a job, friends, hobbies, and a life outside of pursuing her. Basically… she wants a man with better things to do than sit around texting.

Make her wait a while in between texts. Don’t answer back the moment she texts you… leave about 15 minutes between your responses at first (then after your first date, match her tone/speed in texting).

7. Text Her The Same Way She Texts You (‘Mirror’ Her)

When you have been talking to a girl for a long time, you should know well what she likes and does not like. For instance, if she sends you short texts, you should do it as well. If she uses a lot of emojis, it would make sense for you to use them too. This applies not only to her texting style but also adjusting to her everyday life. If she asked you not to send her messages during work hours, you should listen to her. On the other hand, if she is a person who spends a lot of time online, you can send her some interesting and funny videos/articles/memes that she would like.

8. Feelings, Not Facts

Texting is ideal for fact sharing. It’s a cold, robotic environment where intellectual information is easily exchanged. For example, texting is perfect to tell your friend that you’re running a few minutes late or confirming a doctor’s appointment.

But, this tendency towards cold, hard fact sharing can doom you if you’re wondering how to text a girl you like. When texting, you’ll always want to get the woman feeling something. She should feel happy, intrigued, excited, and, above all, attracted to you through your texting choices. This doesn’t mean sharing your feelings in a needy or emotional way. It does mean, however, moving beyond factual conversation to pull her into your world. The following tips explain it.

9. Flirt With Her Over Text

 Flirting with your girl will not only make her want to keep talking to you but will give her the hint that you’re actually into her. You should flirt just enough to show her you’re interested, but don’t go overboard or she’ll want you to back off. Here’s how you can keep up the conversation by flirting:

  • Be playful. At the right time, show her your silly side by making a goofy comment. No woman likes a guy who takes himself too seriously.
  • Tease her. If you know her well enough, tease her gently and wait for her to tease you back. Just make sure that she can pick up on your tone from the text and knows that you’re joking.
  • Don’t be afraid to send the occasional “;-)” emoticon. Though you shouldn’t overuse these, a well-timed emoticon is a great way to flirt.

10. Don’t Constantly Text Her Back And Forth When You Can Call…

Girls can get confused when you’re constantly texting… she’ll wonder why you’re just texting her, not calling.

In fact, as a girl starts to like you, she’ll want you to call and text, not just text. Here’s why:

As you get closer to becoming a couple, you use texting less and less to communicate… you spend more time physically together, or on the phone, right?

So don’t text her constantly when you can easily move on to the next step of a relationship… calling

11. Know when it’s time to end the conversation

It is also very important to know the right time to end the conversation. This is an important thing to do, because of some reason. First of all, if you talk all the time, there is a risk that you become the guy who she would friendzone and use as a pillow for personal vents. Usually, the person who ends the conversation will lead the interactions next time, and this will put you in a good position:

you will not come off as needy and begging for her affection. To end the conversation, you may say that you are busy or have things to do, quite often, this may be the truth, seeing how busy life is nowadays, but do it in a polite and nice manner so she would not think that she is bothering you and you want to get rid of her. Text her again soon, and do not ignore her for too long, because she could actually get worried.

Things to Avoid:

– Can I c u l8r?
– what r u up 2?
– Wanna do sumthin l8r?

No, no, no! Write clearly! Maybe you know what all the abbreviations mean but that doesn’t mean she does; if she has to spend 10 minutes trying to figure out what you’re trying to say then she’s going to just ignore you.

Another point to note is that being too lazy to write full words can easily come across as laziness in other areas of your life, and is that an impression you want to give her before you’ve even secured a first date?


When you are looking at expert tactics on how to make a girl want you over text, it’s never easy. Relationships are complicated and dated even more.

You need to take action to use these professional pointers to help you make a girl want you over text. And make sure you never stop researching better routes.

Do this and you will get exactly what you want in the girl department!

You’ll do awesome. Go for it!



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