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Menwithquote, owned and operated by Adclickr Media Limited, was founded in April 2018 by Manish Mehta, as a website to help motivate and inspire others to improve their own lives and live life on their own terms.

Isn’t that what we all want to achieve?

Since then, Menwithquote has grown over the years, and become one of the leading self-improvement blogs on the web. We have over 800K social media followers.

If you’re just joining us, then stick around! We’re prone to making big changes on a regular basis!

Menwithquote is a blog dedicated to motivating and inspiring men around the world, regardless of where they come from or who they want to become. 

Whether we achieve that through sharing successful celebrities’ net worths, success lessons, quotes, or inspiring self-development stories; we hope that the end result is the same.

Here’s what we’ve achieved in 4 years:

  • 160 Million Page Views
  • Reached over 800,000 Social Media Followers
  • Featured in Opennews, Timebulletin, Coverageblog, Broadcastcover, Globestats, Youthistan magzine and more… and dozens of more publications.

Manish Mehta: My blogging journey so far

For the new readers, I’m Manish Mehta, Founder of Menwithquote

I’m to writing here my blogging journey which could help others to take up blogging as a serious career.

This is going to be a nice personal read, as it’s about my blogging journey so far. So if you are passionate about blogging then only read it, otherwise, check out the other categories of menwithquote.

Getting back to my educational background, I completed engineering in Mechanical stream (2020), and by the end of my second year; I was started my first blog called Menwithquote.

My Blogging Journey: How I Started

I started blogging just out of fun in July 2016 and started writing about things I knew. I began my blogging journey on Google’s BlogSpot platform. I was more interested in Men’s Lifestyle and grooming, so I started with a BlogSpot Website Called “Zetlehub”.

The first domain name which I wanted to be was the Gentlehub, which was already taken.

So I started with the domain name zentlehub.blogspot, and at the end of Four months I was getting appreciation from my readers I thought of investing in my blog but due to student life, I can’t afford it.

How I stared My First blog

In June 2018 (summer vacation), I got my first smartphone and start searching for how to earn money online through my mobile phone. Then I got so many ideas and topics but blogging is my favorite one. Because I already did this 2 years before for 4 months.

Then I turned summer vacation into an opportunity. I spend countless hours learning and honing my skills in blogging through articles, YouTube with my new smartphone 😅.

In December 2018 I bought Web-hosting and a domain from and migrated my blog to WordPress.

Firstly I created a website called “Quotera” which was based on different types of motivational quotes which was ended in 2 months due to duplicacy of content because I was not getting much response on it.

By the end of 2 months, I was aware of the importance of branding a blog. Initially, I was thinking of some domain name with a keyword containing ‘Men” So choose “Menwithquote” for its uniqueness and for better branding.

I had plenty of time due to the pandemic. And now it’s more than 1 year of this blog. Since I had nothing else to do in those pandemic months, I dedicated myself completely to blogging. I used to spend almost 12 hours a day in front of my laptop, most of the time writing and learning new things.

Those pandamic months changed everything in my life and given me a new direction. I read as much as I could, and I studied many top blogs and how they succeeded.

My First Income from blogging:

As I mentioned, I started blogging out of passion and my love for writing.

I did not understand what AdSense was or what SEO was when I started. I was a hobby blogger and with time I learned about AdSense and other advertising programs. Though before that I learned SEO by reading lots of blogs and experimenting every day.

I still remember my first $3, which I earned via doing shoutouts for a 30-year-old American guy on Instagram because I had 10k+ followers on menwithquote’s Instagram account. That was my first online income and that’s how I discovered PayPal which enables anyone to receive payment globally.

Later on, I added AdSense, and in the first month, I made only $7 which I consider as a good start for a beginner.

Spare Time Blogger to A Professional blogging:

In January of 2021, When I completed my college degree, I took up blogging and social media marketing as my full-time career.

It was not a straightforward decision and convincing my family was not an effortless task, but I took my chance and selected what I liked. By that time I started making decent money that could take care of my daily needs.

My Venture:

My dream and vision now are to make an affordable social media tool called adclickr and a PPC agency. Currently, I’m working on it…

Like Rome was not built in a day. It will eventually take some time, but someday I will touch that dream, where I will have a big office and many bloggers and PPC experts will be writing on their blogs sitting in their office.

Many people have asked me on my Ig, how do I manage multiple blogs and social media accounts and now adclickr. It’s not an easy task to maintain multiple blogs and their social media presence. That’s why I’m currently working 14 hours a single day because I can’t hire people at that time.

The biggest challenge as a blogger:

The last 3 years have been amazing, but it also comes with a significant price. This section is more of a suggestion if you take a route as a blogger, freelancer, or someone working from home.

Our work style requires minimum social interaction, less physical movement, no cheerleaders, and this has its advantage and a great disadvantage. So you need to find a balance to ensure you add enough social interaction in the form of YouTube interviews, Podcast interviews, social meet up in your community, join some interest groups.

You need to create a system that illuminates motivation and inspiration all the time to help you keep moving forward.

In a nutshell, you need to talk to more people in person or in the face. This will be really helpful in the time to come. I discovered this issue a little late, but taking certain actions as mentioned above helped me to get over this feeling.

Menwithquote is not just a blog for me, it is a home. I spend time here, because I know people who visit, they are going to add something meaningful in their life.

You can join me on YouTube Instagram.

This post was written because many people wanted to know a little background about me, and about Menwithquote.

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  • Created A Blog from Scratch to A 6-Figure Valuation
  • Reached over 20 Million Views Across All Blogs
  • Published in Opennews, Timebulletin, Coverageblog, Broadcastcover, Globestats, Youthistan magzine and more…
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