Are You and Your Partner Sexually Compatible?

Are You and Your Partner Sexually Compatible?

If you’re getting back to the dating scene, chances are you’re looking to get a full package. You don’t want to go for several dates only to find out there was no sexual compatibility. Here are some tips to make sure you have it all.

Although sex isn’t the only great thing in a relationship, it’s inarguably a big part of every relationship. In most cases, when sexual compatibility decreases (or increases), other connections follow closely. This is what has brought about the question of sexual compatibility with your partner.

However, the elephant in the room is how to know you’re sexually compatible with someone before actually having sex with them. We all have met people on the best dating sites, cut them some slack, and ended up having a very specific sexual experience.

Luckily, after extensive research, we came up with a few sexual compatibility signs. But before we let you on that, let’s get on the same page on what sexual compatibility really is.

What Does Sexual Compatibility Mean?

It’s tough to get the right terms to define sexual compatibility. It’s just like finding the right pair of jeans.

Although getting someone to talk about your sexual preferences and emotions is hard; finding someone you can connect with at a visceral level is harder. You know that indescribable level that feels just right.

Some experts describe sexual compatibility as liking all the super things that someone does to your body. Their smell, their kiss, and their sexual technique: Everything just kind of works and just sparks without any effort.

It also goes past having the same interests in bed. It means having other significant factors in a relationship that makes your bedroom experiences magical.

How Do I Know If I’m Sexually Compatible With My Partner Before Having Actual Sex?

By now, the question, ‘is sexual compatibility important in a relationship,’ is out of the way. Everyone wants to experience bedroom magic.

So next in line is knowing how to make sure you end up with someone you’re sexually compatible with.

Here are some sexual compatibility signs:

1. Your Partner Is Your Fantasy

No celebrity or ex-lover appears desirable more than him. Where there is no sexual compatibility, you might feel the need to watch porn to enjoy sex. In most cases, this is a way of imagining yourself having sex with another person.

But when your partner is your fantasy, all that is unnecessary, because your desire is right there with you. You can touch it, feel it, and smell it.

And when you’re in love with the man of your dreams, you are one lucky lady.

2. Your Partners is Always Making You Feel Desirable

There are days that we all wake up feeling like crap, and we just don’t want to show up to the world.

We feel like our fashion and hair are all wrong, and nothing really seems to be working out. If your partner can still make you feel like a goddess or superman during such times, there is a high chance you’re sexually compatible.

This is why sexual compatibility is important because when it’s missing, you might not even want your partner to see you naked during these lousy days.

Couple Hugging Each Other

3. You Get Each Other

Now this varies from one couple to another. For some, it means finishing each other’s sentences while, for some, it means just knowing when their partner is having a rough day. Whatever your version of ‘getting each other is,’ if you know what your partner wants before they say it, then this will be carried forward to the bedroom.

And there is nothing sexier than someone knowing exactly what you need in the bedroom without uttering a word.

4. Your Partner Makes You Nervous

We mean the right kind of nervousness, like the butterfly never stops. His voice, the idea of seeing him, his words – all of them never get old. Every time you see them, hug them or kiss them, it gives you chills just like the first time you met them.

If you just met someone on an online site and they’re still giving you goosebumps after months, chances are you’re very sexually compatible.

Some couples admit to still having the butterflies even after years of being together.

4. Communication Is Great

If you and your date can openly discuss what’s bothering you, you’re headed on the right path.

Communication is a major issue in many relationships. If you’re always walking on eggshells in your relationship, this might be a red flag.

A couple that openly talks in daylight will have no issues talking in the bedroom. They can comfortably talk about specific positions, without being afraid of turning off their spouse.

Enjoy The Process

Sexual compatibility and relationship don’t always mean wanting the same thing. This is why it’s essential to make sure you both enjoy the journey before the destination.

Just because you know the right buttons to press to give your partner the ultimate orgasm, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go through the scenic road sometimes.

Once in a while, surprise your partner with sexy lingerie, flowers, and candles, and let them relax and make them feel like a god.

Make the night about them and focus on their sexual fantasies.

How Do You Know You’re Sexually Compatible?

If you’re wondering whether you have sexual chemistry with your date or not after seeing them multiple times, chances are you’re not sexually compatible.

In some exceptional cases, this can be built up as a relationship grows. But for many sexually compatible people, just click the moment they rock their eyes on each other. And the sexual appeal only gets stronger as time passes by.

We hope you learned how to predict sexual compatibility from our few tips.

So, back at you.

Do you think sexual compatibility is important? Why?

Whether you think sexual compatibility is vital or not, we want to hear from you.

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