10 Ways to Boost Motivation for Men: Facts, Secrets, and Success Mantraoost Motivation To Workout
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Motivation for Men: Facts, Secrets, and Success Mantra

You know what it’s like when you first start losing weight or building muscle. You’re full of motivation and determined to reach your goal this time, even if you’ve tried and failed before. The problem is that within a few short weeks, the awesome motivation for men that you did feel has vanished.

Unfortunately, you haven’t been doing it long enough to really create the habit.

But it doesn’t matter!

You can regain your mojo and reach your target by using these Success Mantra that has worked as motivation for men just like you.

The Main Problem With Motivation

You probably know the fantastic warm feeling when you decide to do something new. You may have spent time getting yourself some new workout gear and deciding on the best exercise routines.

You’ll also feel pretty good about yourself for the first few days or even a week or two. But, then the motivation for men hits a bump; you do not see the results that you want.

This may be because you’ve set your goals too high; it’s not advisable to lose 5 pounds in one week.

Combine this with a lack of time to exercise, and your motivation will nose dive. Without this, you’re going to struggle to get started. After all, it can take weeks or even months to build a habit that will carry you through the less motivated times.

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Success Mantra to Boost Motivation for Men

Fortunately, there are some simple Success Mantra you can employ today to find your motivation in any situation:

Get Something New to Get You Motivated

You remember the feeling of excitement you had when you bought your new running shoes or the extra weight for your dumbbell. I’ll bet you were eager to try them out as soon as possible.

That’s what you need now, something new to get you motivated again.

This can be a new item of sports clothing. However, it can also be an opportunity to try a different workout or exercise routine.

That’s the real secret here; variety keeps you interested. Doing the same thing every day will allow boredom to set in. Doing the same thing every day is almost certain to destroy your motivation.

Visualize The Results

Sometimes all the motivation you need is to know that you have to make a change for your own health. Or you may have a specific holiday or reunion in mind when you want to look your best.

This can often be enough to keep you working out even when you’re not feeling motivated.

But, you can want to and even enjoy working out!

The trick is to visualize the results. This is a proven strategy that works. Picture yourself as a toned or even shredded guy. But, make sure you picture the detail; the way you’re muscle flex as you lift 200 pounds or the way you smile as you cross the finish line of the marathon.

Research shows that picturing something will provide your brain with the instructions to make it happen in just the same way as if you wrote down your aims.

Try it now, and feel your motivation levels surge.

Pick A Date to Set Yourself

A great way to improve your motivation is to set yourself a date. For example, if you want to be able to run 26 miles, then pick a reasonable date in the future and enter yourself for a marathon.

You’ll stay motivated because you have to be ready by that date to show the world what you’re made of.

In fact, telling your best friends as soon as possible will ensure they help you to stay motivated. This is through their personal comments and your sudden accountability.

The same is true if you want to complete a particularly difficult workout or lift a set amount of weight. Set a date and tell others what you are doing; they will make you accountable and keep you motivated.

If you ever lack the motivation to work out, just picture their faces when you succeed in your challenge.

Get A Partner to Exercise With

An extension of the accountability principle is getting a Partner to exercise with you. This can be your partner, best friend, or even this article.

Find someone with a similar goal. You can report with each other daily and motivate each other.

Reviewing Your Journal Regularly

You may also find it very helpful to start recording your workouts, feelings, and when you were enjoying the best levels of motivation.

Reviewing your journal regularly will help you to establish when your motivation falters the most. You may even see when you are more inclined to work out and change your schedule to suit.

Do One Thing

It’s often the thought of working out that gives you an issue rather than the actual workout. This is actually an easy motivation issue to overcome.

All you have to do is put your workout clothes on and undertake one activity. It doesn’t matter what it is. You’ll quickly feel the rush of endorphins and the satisfaction of actually doing something.

Doing something will quickly become a desire or motivation to do more.

Just one thing is all it takes to end up doing a whole workout!


Don’t underestimate the importance of setting a schedule.

If you’ve blocked out the time to exercise on your calendar, then you’re less likely to miss your workout even if you don’t feel motivated to do it.

The great thing about scheduling is that it makes you work out, which is essential to building a habit. When motivation is no longer an issue, exercise is merely a habit and something that you enjoy!

Final Words

I’ve already mentioned the importance of having a partner to keep you motivated, accountable, and on track. You can work together to ensure you both have the motivation that you need.

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