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How To Stop Thinking About Someone

Generally, when we want to stop thinking about someone, we try to push the thoughts away, stop them, deny that we have them, or distract ourselves from these thoughts.

How To Stop Thinking About Someone
How To Stop Thinking About Someone

Do you want to know how to stop thinking about someone? Do you want to know how to stop missing someone? In this blog post, I will answer both of these questions. Generally, when we want to stop thinking about someone, we try to push the thoughts away, stop them, deny that we have them, or distract ourselves from these thoughts.

There are 12 steps that you can take to help you stop thinking about your ex, or anyone else about whom, and you may be experiencing unhealthy or obsessive thoughts. This isn’t easy, and it is highly improbable that you will achieve your desired outcome. Nonetheless, it will help you on your journey to recovery.

1. Make the Decision

The very first step to every action is to take a firm decision on what you want to do and stay on that decision. The same applies here. What do you really want to do? Stop obsessing about someone; forget the person completely, etc. You need to make up your mind about what you want to do and stand firmly on it. Sometimes clarity is all it takes to make a progress and face reality.

2. Focus on the Future

You have to stop yourself from mulling over what your ex did or why they are no longer in your life. Tell yourself that things will change and improve with every passing day. Do not let you stuck in the mud and envision yourself enjoying life. Have yourself surrounded by people you love. You will be happy if you choose to be happy. Just keep the faith and know that the future has some nice stuff for you in-store. That belief will take you far and help you forget about someone.

3. Don’t Stalk Them Online

This is one of the most difficult things to do. You would want to check the person’s social media timelines, see what they’ve posted, where they are if they are happy without you or not. These are actions that will keep your head filled with that person. If you really want to get them off your head, quit stalking them whether physically or online. You’ll never move on unless you keep all news about this person away from you.

4. Set Priorities and Deal with Problems Carefully

The best thing is to identify the biggest problem and tackle it first. For some clarity, you need to overcome your anger because it keeps you from thinking straight. First, deal with yourself – exercise, meditate or take a walk – before you confront someone else.

5. Think of their negative traits

One way to stop thinking about your ex is to think of their negative traits and make yourself understand that you deserve better. Tell yourself that the person was not as perfect as you thought. Do not just remember their flaws but also heighten them to make you feel better. Never try to criticize you or blame yourself for what happened.

6. Avoid Being Depressed

Being dumped by someone you were in a relationship with could bring a lot of baggage which includes depression and low self-esteem. Try to have a good laugh and enjoy yourself. Engage in activities that will cheer you up like comedy, and adventures. Do not allow yourself to get into depression.

7. Stay offline

Block them on social media, or at least stop following them for a while. If you find that seeing them or what they are doing sends you into a tailspin, stop seeing them altogether.

It’s okay to keep some distance between you, and even if you need to keep that distance forever, do what’s best for you first.

8. Get Busy

Moments of loneliness metamorphoses into a lot of thinking and one of the things you’re surely going to think about is that person who hurt you so much. An idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop. So keep yourself engaged, get busy, and avoid lonely periods.

9. Go On Vacation, Visit New Places

Sometimes, all you need to move on is a change of environment. Go on vacation visiting places you’ve never been to, focus on new things accepting the fact that the person has moved on with their life which means you have to move on with yours.

10. Use Your Imagination

Meditation helps and becomes even more beneficial when accompanied by powerful imagery. It will help you feel better once you have forgiven the person. It will also save you from stressful thoughts.

11. Quit Discussing That Person

Talk about anything but that person. Avoid discussing with your friends about the person you’re trying to forget even when they (your friends) try to bring it up. Discussing them will only stir up thoughts you’ll go pondering on after the discussion.

12. Hang out with friends

Be around people who make you glad to be alive. Find your friends whom you’ve probably been melting since hooking up with your ex and revive those relationships.

Remember these few tips and try to use them. They will definitely help you quit thinking about this person. Always remember that this person has moved on with their lives and probably is thinking about someone else. So believe in yourself and get on with your life.


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