Rich Vs Poor People Mindset
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Rich Vs Poor People Mindset ( Way of thinking )

You all have one question in your mind that Why is Rich getting Richer and Poor getting Poorer and what is the Big difference between Rich and poor people? The answer is “Mindset“ or says “Way of thinking“. There are huge differences between rich vs poor mindsets.

(Pause for a second before we continue. Just to be clear, this isn’t an article about going from zero to a million in a lifetime. No clickbait here. No, this article is about giving you tools you can add to your mental toolbox.)

“Every human on this planet has the potential to be rich Including You

here are 7 amazing differences between rich vs poor mindsets –

1. Rich people invest money, poor people Spend money

Cash flow is a very important part of getting rich. Rich people invest the money that produces more and more money for them. However, poor people believe in savings or wasting. They save money and keep it to themselves. And afterwards, they spend it where it never comes back.

So, start acquiring financial literacy even if you are well educated with tonnes of degrees. Because college never teaches financial literacy.

2. Rich people think big, poor people think small

Rich people understand that it takes a shot at the stars to truly become successful. Here is the funny part, even if you don’t reach the stars, you’ll land somewhere near them. Oprah Winfrey, for example, didn’t just let her humble beginnings lead her a simple fast-food job. She shot for the stars and most definitely got there. Stop thinking small. If you want to become a pro-soccer player in La Liga or MLS, then make that your vision. If you want to become CEO of Google, make that your vision.

Poor people think small and realistically. They never look past their potential or past their environment. I can relate to the first one personally because I didn’t grow up in a very nice neighborhood with amazing houses. Instead of allowing my humble beginnings to make me think I can achieve anything, I used it as fuel to power me towards my grand vision.

3. Rich people are committed to being rich, Poor people want to be rich

Everyone wants to be rich. Given the choice between being poor and being rich, very few people would say that they would rather be struggling to get by.

If you want to actually become rich, you need to be committed to it. You need to be willing to take the next step forward whether you feel ready or not. You need to put in the work. You need to take the risks.

Commitment might mean getting up earlier. It might mean reading a book that will improve your mind instead of catching up on Netflix. Whatever form it takes in your life, there should be tangible signs of your commitment that you can point to. Desire can be all talk, commitment takes action.

4. Rich people act according to intelligence, poor people act based on feelings

Rich people act according to their intelligence. They never work according to their feelings. They are goal-driven and they do whatever it takes to reach by using their intellectual brain, not based on feelings.

However, poor people always work based on feelings. If they are not in the mood to do something, they won’t do it at all.

So, start using your brain and intelligence and never make decisions based on feelings

5. Rich people focus on opportunities, Poor people focus on obstacles

Rich people will factor in the competition, time, and lack of business education, but they will not let that stop them. They will purchase books or use YouTube to educate themselves while they wait to get their business approved. No matter what, they will take the opportunity. From now on think positively in everything you do. Even if everyone around you is better than you, still give yourself a positive mindset and positive outcome.

Meanwhile, Poor people always focus on the obstacles a.k.a. the negatives. Let’s say you have this amazing talent for cooking. People suggest that you start a business or at least write a cookbook. Instead of seeing an amazing opportunity, a poor person will see only the obstacles. They think to themselves: “There are already so many cooks in the world and it’ll take forever to get a business license. I know nothing about business, etc.” They then abandon the idea and go back to their dead-end job.

6. Rich People celebrates the successes of others, Poor people feels jealousy

Rich people celebrate the successes of others. It embraces the competition and often befriends it. You have two choices, tear down another person’s success or be inspired by the example.

Poor people feel jealousy and bitterness about the successes of others. It looks at everything as a zero-sum game.

There will always be people who have accomplished more and most likely done it better than you. Find a competitor and make them your mentor.  Lead with humbleness and gratitude and you will be greatly rewarded.

7. Rich people act in spite of fear, Poor people let fear stop them

Things like wealth and success require you to take the scary act of stepping out of your comfort zone and executing on the things that will make you successful.

My big recommendation here is to make your dream bigger than your fear. Write it down. Repeat it to yourself. Visualize it as often as you can. Make it something you can’t imagine living without. Facing your fear is painful, but if the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing, you have a chance.

8. Rich people take risk, poor people escape from it

Rich people are willing to invest resources with seemingly no reward right away. Not everything has a clear path to profitability. You have to take a chance and try. It’s about risk vs. reward. 

Poor people, immediately thought, “What’s in it for me?”.  Why pay money to fly to that conference, pay for the hotel, and spend all the time when they’re not even paying you?

You need to be willing to take calculated risks because no reward worth discussing came without risk. Being uncomfortable is Important, it means you’re growing

9. Rich people finds solutions, Poor people finds excuses

Rich people never complain. They are constantly looking for solutions. You need to start looking for solutions and you will never be the same. It takes practice to shift your focus from the problems you have in life to solutions.

However, poor people complain and they find problems in every solution. They focus on the things they can’t control instead of looking the things they can control.

So, here’s another difference between the rich vs poor mindset that clearly tells you to focus on solutions and you will be on the way to riches. null

10. Rich people are creators, poor people are consumer

I don’t want to hurt you but it is the truth. Rich people have a creator mindset. They are constantly looking forward to creating value for other people. As you already know, money chases value. However, poor people have a consumer mindset. They always spend their money on the stuff that are created by rich people.

This is how the rich get richer and the poor get poor.

Getting rich isn’t as simple as changing your mindset. However, changing your mindset can go a long way to changing the way you see the world. And when you see the world differently you can behave and respond differently to the stimuli around you. When you do that, you have the potential to outperform.

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